Pastoral Care

A Partner on the Journey

A minister provides many forms of pastoral care to the congregation, including care in times of crisis, short-term pastoral counseling (up to 1-3 visits), supporting the growth and formation of the congregation's caring ministries, and pastoral ministry in larger services such as vigils. Within and through all of these activities, the ministry is there to accompany the congregation on their journey through the life of the community. Through joys and sorrows, mistakes and triumphs, and all that we find in between. The minister offers caring presence to the congregation.

In addition to spiritual care in times of need, below are a few examples

of the my service to the caring ministries of the church.

Building Caring Capacity

Pastoral care team members and other caring leaders need support and inspiration in their work! As minister, I provide monthly mutual support, consultation as needed, and ongoing training opportunities to enrich the caring ministries of the congregation.

Healing Services

Healing services provide an opportunity for people to bring their sorrows into a circle of care, regardless of the level they wish to share. The document linked here is an example healing service.


At times, events and tragedies call for the voice and care of the entire community. In such times, I gather the community for vigils and other services to hold space for the sadness, anger, and confusion overflowing in our lives. For example, I developed this Transgender Day of Remembrance service with the Transgender Education Association of D.C. and my worship team amid the pandemic.


Each parting is as unique as the person or being who lived. I offer compassionate care for memorial services that honor the departed and hold the complexity of grief among the living.

Support for

Difficult Transitions

There are times when our human journey brings us across sad or difficult thresholds. The end of a romantic partnership, leaving a longtime home. I craft and lead grief groups, divorce and separation groups, and rituals to honor many difficult transitions.