Spiritual Formation

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Spiritual Growth Across the Lifespan

As minister, I support the community of lay and professional leaders in providing nourishment for spiritual growth throughout the congregation. As a former professor of social work, I enjoy developing sessions for spiritual education as well as designing programs for all ages. I have lead and cofacilitated numerous programs for adults, children and youth. Below is a selection of programs I developed for specific emerging needs that weren’t otherwise met by an available program.

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Challenging Chapters

Ongoing multi-part conversation explores roots of the environmental crisis from different perspectives. Immense problems can make us seek simple solutions, but we need open hearts and creative minds to imagine possibilities.

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Embodying Liberation

Multi-session program exploring systemic roots of supremacy and building critical awareness and creative ways to embody shared values for collective liberation

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When We Part Ways

Six session small group program providing grief processing resources and mutual support for individuals going through divorce and separation.

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Youth-Adult Liquid Leadership

Multigenerational program involving committee, Board, and congregational participation in ongoing anti-ageism educational programming and re-envisioning shared leadership among youth and adults.

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Our History of Race

An interactive congregational history of race within the congregation analyzed in collaboration with middle schoolers and within the historical context of race in our wider U.S. society.

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UU Vision Parenting

Six session program for parents (some sessions multi-generational) to explore intersection of values and parenting behaviors to support intentional, inclusive parenting.