Service to Unitarian Universalism

Service takes many forms, some formal and some more spontaneous. I engage in ministers groups, mentoring ministers in formation, and supporting the UUA and UU Ministers Association. A few more formal roles and services are included below, yet all forms of service are vital to the life of our association.

Keynote for UUSJ Social Justice Activists Roundtable

In 2021, Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice asked me to speak about social justice at their 2021 Social Justice Activists Roundtable. It's a challenging time to stay engaged and kindle hope in the struggle for justice. Today we face mountains of trouble in the world, from voter suppression, to a global pandemic, to humanitarian crises, to environmental devastation, and more. Social justice leaders may wonder how to build more engagement with, or how to sustain efforts, amid so many competing cries for justice. Check out this talk on how to join in the work for justice with resilience and hope.

Transforming Witness Action

I have the honor of serving the Unitarian Universalist Association as the Co-chair of the UUA Commission on Social Witness. Alongside my Co-chair Alison Aguilar Lopez-Gutierrez McLeod, we are leading the Commission in deep, transformative work. After I joined the Commission in 2019, we began listening to triumphs and challenges, hopes and hurts in the procedures of creating social witness statements. Through deep listening and systemic analysis, we are building new systems and policies to bring an anti-oppressive, accessible social witness process into being. Check out our report to General Assembly in 2021 here.

CSW Fall Convening

As part of the creating a more widely accessible, relation, and action-oriented social witness process, we launched a bi-annual social witness convening in 2020 to gather, inspire, and launch UUs' social witness action around recent UUA social witness statements. Follow the link here for the full recordings and transcript of the Fall 2021 two part convening.

South Carolina Unitarian Universalist Justice Alliance

As an act of hope and fervent commitment to justice, I secured a startup grant from the Unitarian Universalist Fund for Social Responsibility and am pulling together a phenomenal team to launch and run a statewide action network in South Carolina. Check out our website for more information!